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Wealth and responsibility

As a silent benefactor or in your own name - how you can help with your engagement.

The society we live in is dependent on personal engagement - perhaps now more than ever. At the same time, more and more people feel the desire to make a personal contribution to making the world a better place. This could be by protecting the environment, caring for the elderly, promoting art and culture, or providing more equal opportunities in education. There are many starting points and most people respond quite quickly to the question of "What". The finding "How" usually proves to be more difficult. Nevertheless, this is precisely what we can help you with - we advise you on your activities as a supporter as well as on the establishment of your own foundation.


Individual consultation

Would you like to get involved in philanthropy? Allow our experts to explain the different options to you.


Especially for founders and foundations

Are you considering setting up a foundation or do you have questions concerning the wealth management of your existing foundation? We will support you.


Sustainably aligned

Are you interested in what our Sustainability Advisory Board does?

Less talk more action

Bethmann Bank has decades of experience in social commitment and is also involved in numerous initiatives itself. Similarly, we have long been supporting the multifaceted engagement of our clients - from patrons and sponsors to foundations steeped in tradition.

The focus is always on sustainable and transparent action; after all, the aim is to achieve long-term goals. Regardless of whether you have already set up a foundation or if you are still contemplating how you could get involved from a philanthropic perspective - it could be in fighting climate change or "social entrepreneurship" - be it project-related or for a longer term: We have the expertise and the network to ensure that your engagement makes an impact.