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Manage your wealth the way that suits you best

Achieve your goals - our wealth management will help you.

Would you like to spend time on the things that really matter in your life? Your family, your business, your friends and your interests? We completely understand that this is far more fulfilling for you than having to deal with your investments on a daily basis. Place your assets in good and trustworthy hands where they can be managed prudently and responsibly. In such a way that perfectly fits in with your personal values and goals. So that you can devote yourself to the things that define your life.

Managing your assets is a question of competence and experience, but not least of trust. At Bethmann Bank, you can rest assured that your assets are in professional and experienced hands - during both calm and turbulent market phases. We have a long-term approach to wealth management. In this regard, we always have future generations in mind and work with a systematic approach to deliver added value to you. This is how we earn your trust every day. Our private bank operates independently and has been awarded top marks for its wealth management for many years.

Our wealth management is focused on achieving attractive returns for you in a responsible manner over the long term. Not only does this mean thinking sustainably, it also means investing that way. Sustainability criteria therefore play an increasingly important role for us in our analysis of companies and countries. They complement the basic pillars of our capital investment approach based on sound analysis and consistent risk management.

Our wealth management has been awarded top marks for many years in recognition of all this, combined with transparency, clarity and comprehensible pricing. We were delighted to have received a number of notable awards in 2021 as well. We are the only private bank to have been awarded the highest rating of "Outstanding Wealth Management" by FOCUS MONEY and n-tv for the fifteenth time in a row.


Strategic asset planning

Private assets are becoming increasingly complex. We look forward to advising you.


Our Funds

We offer various funds according to the same investment concepts that we use to manage individual wealth management mandates.


Our Sustainability Advisory Board

Get to know the Sustainability Advisory Board of our Wealth Management and find out exactly how it influences our portfolios.

Risk Disclosure

Please be aware that wealth management does not mean risk-free investment. The funds you invest in are exposed to the risks of the financial instruments you acquire. Our market assessments could prove to be inaccurate. For example, market, creditworthiness and liquidity risks can cause losses up to the total loss of the capital invested. All these risks may lead to your investment objectives not being achieved.

Over and above the relevant capital market and selection risks involved in wealth management, we exercise our discretion in deciding which measures we deem appropriate to manage your portfolio. We are guided by our Investment Committee's capital market opinion. Nevertheless, it could be subject to a misjudgement, the implementation of which could lead to asset losses.

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