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Strategic asset planning

Where do you stand right now - and where do you want to be?

Private assets are becoming increasingly complex - and so is asset planning. Our aim is to provide you with sound advice; therefore, we start by thoroughly analysing your assets and discussing your plans and aspirations with you. We use this key data to design your individual investment strategy and implement it in a targeted manner.


Seeing the big picture: holistic asset planning.

Are your needs and goals really at the heart of your investment concept? We analyse your status quo, develop investment scenarios and recommend a concept for your total assets. In this context, we take particular account of the interaction between the various asset classes.
You will receive from us in detail:

  • an overview of the status quo of assets and liquidity
  • the overview of alternatives
  • a critical assessment of measures
  • Indications of possible undesirable developments
  • a basis for your long-term asset strategy

There is one particular aspect that concerns you: theme-driven asset analysis.

Do you already have a good overview of your investments? Then we analyse individual aspects for you, such as your prospective liquidity situation in professional retirement. The interaction with your other assets remains in the background.
You will receive from us in detail:

  • an overview of the status quo of assets and liquidity
  • an analysis of key issues
  • scenario analyses
  • a critical appraisal of alternative strategies
  • Indications of possible undesirable developments

More or less strategy? Please get in touch.

Describe your personal situation, your plans. So that together we can determine just how much asset analysis and strategy you require. We look forward to discussing this with you and will listen to you very carefully.

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