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Investment opportunities beyond the trading floor

Alternative investments can make a valuable contribution to optimising the risk-return profile of their portfolio for investors with a long investment horizon. Especially in unstable times. Given that private equity concerns off-market equity investments in companies, typical stock market risks such as price fluctuations do not apply to this asset class. This lack of correlation, i.e. coupling with other asset classes, makes private equity investments an attractive instrument for diversification.

Not so long ago, private equity investments were almost exclusively reserved for institutional investors. The high initial investments at typically several million Euros or US dollars posed a hurdle for private investors, foundations and smaller (semi-)institutional investors. Bethmann Bank also makes private equity accessible to such investors. Through exclusive investment structures, our specialists grant you access to selected private equity funds from globally renowned private equity companies - and at significantly lower initial investments.


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Private equity with Bethmann Bank: the respective risks

Please be aware that investing in private equity involves various risks. For instance, the business plan of an acquired company may not work out. A planned resale of an acquired company may also fail or only be possible under unfavourable conditions. In this case, there may be a partial or even total loss of the capital invested. In certain market situations, there may also be a lack of suitable new acquisition targets for the private equity company, resulting in investments in new businesses being delayed or not being made at all. Currency risks can also have a negative impact. Please also be aware that the shares in a private equity investment are usually not resalable and therefore tie up the invested capital for a long time.

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