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A holistic view on wealth

Structuring your total assets


You might be familiar with the saying ''sometimes you cannot see the wood for the trees''. Many highly experienced investors spend a lot of time investing their liquid assets. If we both take a bird's-eye view of their total assets, they then realise they have not paid the same attention to the rest of their assets as they have to shares, pensions or funds. Sometimes, it is then evident that not only have hidden opportunities for returns been overlooked, but also hidden risks. This is quite often the case, for example, in connection with the asset succession.

If at times you have the impression that the structure of your private assets is becoming more and more complex, then you are absolutely right: it is in fact the case and the same applies to your asset planning. For this reason, it is all the more important to take the time to look at your total assets and consider where you currently stand - and what you would like to achieve.

This is a very important element of the asset planning process, and we will be happy to support you and provide you with sound advice. We therefore start by thoroughly analysing your assets and discussing your plans and aspirations with you. We will then discuss with you whether your personal needs and goals are in line with your current investment concept. We analyse your status quo for you, develop various scenarios and recommend a structure for your total assets. In this context, we take particular account of the interaction between the various asset classes - from stock portfolios to owner-occupied real estate. We use this key data to design your very own individual investment strategy and work with you to implement it.


Our strategic asset planning

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Your wealth management

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Holistically and long-term

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More than just funds and shares: an analysis of your total assets

Perhaps you already have a good overview of your asset structure, but would like to review it again focusing on a very specific aspect. For instance, you may want to find out how your liquidity situation could change in the near future when you retire. In this respect, too, we are always here for you, and will analyse the issues that concern you and very carefully review alternative strategies as well as any potential undesirable developments.

If you are unsure as to whether this is really necessary for your assets, then you already have a question to ask. Talk to us, describe your personal situation, your plans and your doubts. Together we can determine how much wealth analysis and strategy you require. Rest assured that we will listen very carefully to what you have to say.

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