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We advise, you decide.

Let us provide you with sound advice before you make any investment decisions.

Are you interested in financial matters, do you like to take your own investment decisions and are you prepared to invest the necessary time? We can provide you with our broad experience, competence and expertise to guide you in your investment decisions. We consider investment advisory to be one of the core competencies of a private bank.


Ask our experts to advise you and work with us to develop the best investment strategy tailored to your needs. We can help you by extracting the relevant information from the overwhelming deluge of data and are always here to support you with our advice and expertise.

Investment in assets invariably equates to investment in the future. So when it comes to investment advisory, we commence our collaboration with you by an initial consultation with our advisors to discuss your personal goals and wishes. This includes your risk appetite as well as your investment horizon. On this basis, we take a very structured approach to your investment. Once the strategic orientation has been established, we move on to the tactical orientation, in which we support and accompany you in the continuous adjustment of your securities account to the market situation.

You determine the scope of our advice yourself; you agree with us on the services you want - in each case adapted to your knowledge and experience.

For investment advisory, you benefit from the long-standing expertise of a leading private bank and the resources of an international banking group. We invest a lot of time in research and risk monitoring to avoid you having to do this yourself. We keep you informed with regular strategy outlooks, allocation proposals and research updates and provide you with the latest recommendations on shares, bonds, structured products and funds. We attach great importance to sustainability, transparency and comprehensible pricing models, just as we do in our wealth management.

Well informed investing

Do you want to make your own investment decisions but need professional support? Our investment specialists are here to help you with all your investment questions and decisions. Our structured advisory approach is the basis for careful and individually tailored investment advisory services. You determine how much advice you require. We attach a great deal of importance to research and risk monitoring. For instance, we regularly inform you by providing strategy outlooks, research updates and allocation proposals. So that you can make the right decisions.

Risk disclosure

Bethmann Bank recommends the acquisition of financial instruments as part of its investment advisory services. If you follow these recommendations, the money you invest is exposed to the risks of these financial instruments. The risks vary according to the type of financial instrument. For example, market, creditworthiness and liquidity risks can cause losses in value up to the total loss of the capital invested. The result of these risks may be that the intended investment objectives cannot be achieved.


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