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Sustainability in action

Our identity


There is a saying that tradition compels. But in what way does it compel? Being a Private Bank with a long tradition, sustainable action is an important part of our identity. It is thus a common thread across our range of services, with a focus on sustainable asset management, but also across our own commitment. We are committed to upholding our own environmental and social standards when dealing with clients, employees and society.

It is not enough for us to just offer an ecological "fig leaf" because sustainability has become a trend. We want to set standards that go far beyond the socially necessary minimum. In doing so, we are guided by the mission statement of our parent company, "Banking for better, for generations to come", in order to ensure a careful and moderate use of resources and of our environment. This begins at the highest level of the company: One of our three strategic corporate goals is to "accelerate the trend towards sustainability".

In our own corporate governance, we devote a great deal of attention to corporate social responsibility (CSR). Our cross-divisional and cross-departmental "Sustainability Execution Board (SEB)" coordinates the sustainability activities of our bank and reports directly to our Executive Board. The committee serves as a planning and coordinating authority for the strategic development of the social activities of our organisation.

Local commitment

For example, the employees at our local branches get involved locally on Social Day. This is the day when they leave their desks to support charitable projects with their own personal, energetic help. Or we promote social and cultural initiatives in the respective cities. Another example is our cooperation with the social enterprise innatura, which provides non-profit organisations with new but unsaleable goods that would otherwise end up in the bin.

To us, acting sustainably means taking full responsibility. As a bank, we take our responsibility as an important part of society very seriously and strive to ensure that our coexistence is mutually beneficial and a success. We gladly accept this responsibility.

Made to last: this is what makes foundations so special.

The history of foundations goes back to the ancient world. As a matter of fact, becoming a philanthropist has been anchored in our societies for many centuries. We support you in developing and implementing tailor-made solutions for your commitment and your foundation goal. In combination with our expertise in Sustainability and Asset Management, we offer you a wide range of services, from foundation-oriented Capital Investment to the establishment of a non-profit foundation.


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What does sustainability mean for Bethmann Bank?

For us, sustainability is an integral part of corporate responsibility. This encompasses our commitment to sustainable investment as well as our approach to advice, which focuses on the needs of our clients as well as discretion, transparency and risk management. We have been meeting the challenges of our time with sustainable investment solutions for many years, with an eye on future generations, and offer our clients a range of options for making a positive contribution to social and ecological change. An independent Sustainability Advisory Board oversees the sustainable offer of our asset management, thereby ensuring that strictly defined environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria are met. Besides training all our advisors and product experts on sustainable finance, we also actively contribute as a member of numerous global and local sustainability networks and initiatives. For instance, we are a signatory to the UN Global Compact and the investor-initiated Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) framework.

Sustainable action - our common thread

For some years now, sustainability has been a hot topic. It is therefore no wonder that the term is often used to just ride the perceived wave. Our understanding of sustainability is the antithesis of this, because we understand sustainability very comprehensively: our commitment to sustainable investments is just as much a part of this as our approach of consistently focusing on our clients’ needs in our advisory services. By sustainability we mean transparency and risk awareness, but also the endeavour to keep future generations in mind. We meet the challenges of our time with sustainable investment solutions and offer our clients a wide range of opportunities to make a positive contribution to social and ecological change.