In 2019, Bethmann Bank trained all client advisors and product specialists on sustainability and sustainable finance via PRI-Online-Training (PDF 274 KB) and an Oxford University face-to-face training course Oxford University (PDF 81 KB). These training measures are mandatory for new client advisors and an integral part of the onboarding process.

We are committed to the following sustainable investment initiatives:


Sustainable Investment Forum

“Signatory of the "Frankfurt Declaration"

“Member of the "Carbon Disclosure Project"

Investing for better

We have been expanding our analysis of thematic investments since 2019 and are increasingly focusing on individual SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) topics. We present findings from these analyses in the newly created publication "Investing for better".  So far, these publications (German language) have been published on the following topics:

Biodiversity (German)

Gender Equality (German)  

Investing with Impact (German)  

The Social Side of Sustainability (German)  

Clean Water (German)​  

Health and Well-being (German)

Affordable and Clean Energy (German)  

Sustainable Consumption and Production (German)​

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