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Online banking security advice

The security of your data is our top priority. Our offer includes a comprehensive security system. Using the latest technology, it guarantees that your personal data cannot be decrypted or changed by unauthorised persons.


Security access

In accordance with the terms and conditions for online banking and the specifications for portfolio administration and mobile banking, you are required to have the security features and authentication tools agreed with Bethmann Bank in order to carry out banking transactions, portfolio orders and receive and send secure emails. Only by doing so will you be able to identify yourself to Bethmann Bank as an authorised participant in online banking. Logging in to our online banking is carried out via a secure single sign-on procedure, known as SSO for short. The SSO enables you to access all our online services following a one-time registration and authentication in the portal. No further registration is required.

You will only be granted access to online banking once

  • You have submitted your individual client number/user ID and your PIN, as well as your electronic signature/TAN,
  • and once Bethmann Bank has checked this data to ensure that you are authorised to access the system
  • and that your access has not been blocked.

You are required to authorise the execution of your online banking orders with the agreed personalised security feature (TAN or electronic signature) and transmit them to Bethmann Bank via online banking.

Access will be automatically blocked if the PIN or TAN has been entered incorrectly three times in a row. Should this be the case, please contact your consultant. In other respects, the conditions for online banking that you have received from us shall apply. If you no longer have this information, please contact your consultant.

The following security advice from Bethmann Bank constitutes security advice within the meaning of Section 7.3 of the Online Banking Conditions.


Important information for secure usage

As an online banking participant, you have special due diligence obligations towards Bethmann Bank. In this respect, we make express reference to Section 7 of the Conditions for Online Banking. In addition, you have disclosure and notification obligations in accordance with Section 8 of the Conditions for Online Banking. In the case of violations, we explicitly draw your attention to possible suspension of use in accordance with Section 9 of the Online Banking Conditions and liability claims by Bethmann Bank in accordance with Section 10 of the Online Banking Conditions.

From a technical perspective, you commit yourself to establish the technical connection to online banking exclusively via the online banking access channels communicated separately by Bethmann Bank - our internet address.

In all other respects, we refer to your confidentiality obligations pursuant to Section 7.2. of the Conditions for Online Banking, which we have specified and supplemented below. The provisions of Section 7.2 of the Conditions for Online Banking shall continue to apply.

1. Keep your PIN and TAN confidential

The PIN is intended only for you and must not be made accessible to any third party. The PIN consists of a minimum of four and a maximum of eight characters. Do not write down your PIN and TAN to ensure that they do not fall into the "wrong hands". Ensure that nobody can see you enter the PIN/TAN. Each TAN can only be used once and loses its validity after 3 minutes. Because of this, always keep your card or mobile phone you use to generate the TAN in a safe place. Under no circumstances should you save your PIN/TAN on your computer!

If you discover that another person has gained knowledge of your PIN or your TAN or both, or if there is any suspicion of their misuse, you must immediately change or block your PIN. If you are unable to do so, please inform us immediately. You can reach our blocking hotline from 8:00 - 17:00 on +49 69 2177-3232.

2. Creating and changing the PIN

Do not use a "weak PIN" (e.g. 11111 or 12345). Use a combination of letters and numbers. Please do not use generally known or accessible data, for example your date of birth. Change your PIN regularly (the PIN must consist of four to eight characters).


Further advice

Use the latest browser version

Make sure you always use the latest version of your internet browser. This provides the greatest security, as known bugs will have already been fixed.

Be cautious when downloading software

When you surf the Internet or send emails, you run the risk of receiving a program or file attachment with a virus. The virus could damage your computer and therefore seriously compromise security. Antivirus programs offer good protection. Never install programs of dubious origin (e.g. chats, newsgroups) and do not open emails from suspicious senders. Always verify the identity of the site when downloading software.

Install antivirus programs and a firewall

Use antivirus programs and a personal firewall. A personal firewall is a program that can protect your computer from outside attacks and warn you if someone tries to get into your computer while you are online. Make sure that the antivirus program is always activated, even when you are not online. Always install the latest updates and run a full virus scan regularly (e.g. once a week).

Fraudulent emails (phishing)

Emails can be used to lure users to a fake website that could resemble our online banking portal. Criminals can obtain your access data by asking you to enter your individual customer number/user ID, your PIN and/or a TAN. Do not reply to such emails and do not open these links. Bethmann Bank will never ask you to enter your details. Our staff will never ask you for your password or TAN. Use our address www.bethmannbank.de every time you log in.

Make sure you have a secure connection

Once you access the login page of our online banking portal, an encrypted connection, a so-called SSL connection (Secure Socket Layer connection), is established between your PC and our server. This ensures that the exchanged data is encrypted with a code that is only known to your PC and our server. The URL of a secure connection starts with https. The pictogram displayed in front of the browser line shows our logo.

Do not leave your PC unattended while you are logged in

If you leave your computer unattended, log out of the online banking portal, switch it off or lock it. Special care should be taken when accessing the online banking portal via public internet service providers or in internet cafes. In these instances, always ensure that you have logged out completely.

Limited connection time

If you are inactive for 15 minutes after logging in, you will be automatically logged out. This reduces the risk of third parties gaining unauthorised access to your account. Log in again to continue working in the Online Banking Portal.