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New look for "Mein Portal"

Less clicks, more service

You are familiar with "Mein Portal" as your usual access to our online services. We are constantly developing these services to make them as convenient as possible for you to use. Now we have also completely updated the access portal: we have not only freshened up the design a bit, but have made the entire area more user-friendly - especially the portfolio overview and the inbox. You will now reach your destination in fewer clicks.

You can select even more easily and specifically in your inbox which documents you would like to have displayed and archived. Various filter and sorting criteria enable you to do this.

Furthermore, we have modified the "Show all stocks" option to provide you with an even quicker overview of all asset classes in your securities account. The same applies to the "other holders" function: if you have power of attorney for one or more accounts, you can now also monitor and access the portfolios of your grantors even more quickly in "Mein Portal". Incidentally, our intelligent portal even "thinks" by reminding you to log out automatically if you have been inactive for a longer period of time.

Mein Portal - Online Banking Web Browser Manual (German)

Mein Portal - Online Banking App Manual (German)

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