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Managed like a wealth management mandate. We offer various funds according to the same investment concepts that we use to manage individual wealth management mandates.


"Bethmann Sustainability Balanced" with a maximum of 75 percent risky investments

Sustainability profile "Bethmann Sustainability Balanced”​ (German)

Non-financial reporting "Bethmann Sustainability Balanced”​ (German)

Universal Investment has published its Participation policy (German) and it follows the "BVI Analysis Guideline 2020 ALHV" (German) when exercising voting rights. On this basis, IVOX GLASS LEWIS (German) was mandated to develop analyses and foundations for decision-making. Information on voting rights exercised in the last calendar year in Bethmann Bank funds is available here .

"Bethmann Shares Sustainability Balanced" with a maximum of 100 percent risky investments

We also offer other Bethmann Bank sustainable funds for you to choose from

  • "Bethmann Sustainability Defensive Balanced" with a maximum of 55 percent risky investments
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