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Our Funds

Managed like a wealth management mandate. We offer various funds according to the same investment concepts that we use to manage individual wealth management mandates.


Sustainability funds

The investment concept of these funds conforms to our sustainability criteria. Our Sustainability Advisory Board regularly monitors and controls the structure of these funds. Needless to say, the economic profitability and creditworthiness of the issuers play an important role in the selection process. Depending on your investment objectives, you can choose between four risk profiles:

  • “Bethmann Endowment Fund”  
  • "Bethmann Sustainability Defensive Balanced"  
  • "Bethmann Sustainability" 
  • "Bethmann Shares Sustainability" 

You will find several of our funds among Bethmann Bank's currently award-winning services and products.

You can find further information of the capital management company’s homepage.


Wealth management funds

We use a wide range of investment opportunities for the wealth management funds. These include shares, bonds, ETFs, commodities and liquid assets. Depending on your investment objectives, you can choose from four risk profiles:

  • "Bethmann Wealth Management Income"  
  • "Bethmann Wealth Management Defensive Balanced" 
  • "Bethmann Wealth Management Balanced"  
  • "Bethmann Wealth Management Growth" 

FNG-certified funds

Our two funds "Bethmann Sustainability" and "Bethmann Endowment Fund" were each certified with two stars by the Forum for Sustainable Investments (Forum Nachhaltige Geldanlagen, FNG) in 2020. In 2021, we focused on the Bethmann Sustainability funds that was again awarded two stars. The FNG seal is the quality standard for sustainable investment funds in German-speaking countries. The holistic methodology behind the FNG seal is based on a minimum standard. It includes transparency criteria and consideration of labour & human rights, environmental protection and anti-corruption, as summarised in the globally recognised UN Global Compact. Furthermore, the individual companies of the respective fund are explicitly analysed on the basis of sustainability criteria.

The FNG seal goes far beyond a mere portfolio assessment and is both holistic and informative. Based on more than 80 questions, it analyses and evaluates, among others, the sustainable investment style, the associated investment process, the related ESG research capacities and any associated commitment process. Other elements also influence the results such as the reporting, the fund company, an external sustainability advisory board and good corporate management.

FNG Siegel

European SRI Transparency Code for the Bethmann Sustainability Fund

The European Transparency Logo for Sustainability Funds indicates that Bethmann Bank is committed to providing accurate, appropriate and timely information to enable interested parties, especially clients, to understand the sustainable investments and methods of the respective fund.

Detailed information on the European Transparency Code can be found at www.eurosif.org. Information on the sustainable investment policy and its implementation in the "Bethmann Sustainability Fund" and "Bethmann Endowment Fund" can be found at: http://fondsfinder.universal-investment.com/de/DE/Funds/DE000DWS08X0/facts and https://fondsfinder.universal-investment.com/de/DE/Funds/DE000DWS08Y8. The Transparency Code is managed by Eurosif, an independent organisation.

The European SRI Transparency Logo indicates the fund manager's commitment as described above. It is not intended as an endorsement of any particular company, organisation or individual.


Bethmann Endowment Fund Transparency Report

Investors gain a deep insight into the investment management of the product through the quarterly Transparency Report and the associated Transparency and Information Policy.

  • This is reflected in a so-called transparency confirmation, combined with the transparency label, issued by Rödl & Partner GmbH.
  • The transparency label indicates that the principal (Bethmann Bank) makes a special effort to enable investors to "control and monitor" the activity of the manager of the corresponding investment product on a quarterly basis.
  • The transparency report provides support for semi-professional investor groups in particular in liability management. The Transparency Report significantly reduces the risk of any organisational fault and ensures compliance with the required due diligence.
  • The available information is compiled by an independent third party in a more comprehensible and target-orientated manner.
  • Reliability in the implementation of management's investment guidelines and targets.
  • The Transparency Report documents that the investor is continuously and comprehensibly informed about the investment and management policy of the corresponding investment product.
  • By providing timely and comprehensive insight into investment management, any information deficit is thereby minimised. This results in a fundamentally higher level of security in dealing with the capital investment.

Institute for Asset Accumulation seal of approval

The "Bethmann Endowment Fund" was certified by the Institut für Vermögensaufbau (IVA) in early 2021. This means this portfolio is certified as being able to achieve the goals it sets out to achieve in the long term.

IVA AG is an independent company promoting appropriate and investor-friendly financial services for private investors and investors in all asset segments. The certification procedure is a recognised and established procedure in German-speaking countries for the external quality assurance of wealth management funds. Participants in the procedure commit to provide the IVA with the current inventory of the portfolio to be certified, each respective quarter for at least one year.

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