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Sustainable asset management that suits you

How you can invest sustainably with our experience and expertise

Long-term and sustainable - this is how we think and invest for you in our asset management. Sustainable action and investment have been firmly anchored in our asset management since 2011. 


Sustainable with sustainability funds too

We also manage several sustainable mutual funds based on the investment concepts with which we manage your asset management mandates. They also follow our defined sustainability criteria. Depending on your individual investment objectives, you can choose from four risk profiles. 

Investing green with distinction

We have already received several awards for our sustainable offering, including the FNG seal (quality standard for sustainable investment funds in German-speaking countries) and the European transparency logo for sustainability funds. See for yourself.

Our asset management

Manage your assets with foresight - achieve your goals in a relaxed and secure manner

Our Sustainability Advisory Board

Get to know the Sustainability Advisory Board of our Wealth Management and find out how it influences our portfolios.


Managed like a wealth management mandate. Our funds.

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