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Managing assets foresightedly

Attain your goals in a relaxed and secure manner

Your personal values and goals determine the direction of your life. With this in mind, your investment also needs to reflect this: through a good performance and an investment strategy that you can understand. To this end, you should place your assets in good and trustworthy hands where they can be managed prudently and responsibly. Bethmann Bank is a leading private bank and has for many years been awarded top marks for its wealth management by independent institutes.

Trust plays an important role alongside our competence. You can rest assured that your investments with us will be managed by professional and experienced specialists who understand how to dealing with both calm and turbulent market phases. Their focus is always forward-looking, investing your assets with an eye on future generations and delivering added value by adopting a systematic approach. This is how we earn your trust every day.

Investors who want to achieve stable returns in the long term and in a responsible manner should not only think sustainably, but also invest in this way. Sustainability criteria therefore play an increasingly important role for us in our analysis of companies and countries. They complement the basic pillars of our capital investment approach based on sound analysis and consistent risk management.


Our funds

Managed like a wealth management mandate.

Managed like a wealth management mandate.

Sustainable asset management that suits you - How to invest sustainably with our experience and expertise.

Our Sustainability Advisory Board

Get to know the Sustainability Advisory Board of our Wealth Management and find out how it influences our portfolios.

Acting systematically and with conviction

We follow a stringent and structured investment process to ensure sustainable and stable performance for our clients. Our investment policy is based on four principles:

We firmly believe that active management delivers the best risk-adjusted returns over the long term. Thus, our experts manage your portfolio at all levels, including across asset classes, sectors and regions.

We attribute considerable importance to ensuring that your portfolio is broadly diversified. This ensures a greater resilience in downturns and better protection against risks. In turn, it enables us to react more flexibly to opportunities as they arise.

We are deeply convinced that sustainable investments contribute to a better world. They combine environmental and social benefits with competitive performance. In our opinion, taking strict sustainability criteria into account does not mean having to forego returns.

Our experience demonstrates that the best investment results are achieved by combining the expertise of our investment specialists with quantitative analyses and fundamental key figures.


Creating sustainable value

An increasing number of people are inquiring about sustainable investments. This confirms our belief, as sustainable investment has long played an important role in our strategy. We are therefore able to offer our clients a wide range of opportunities to make a positive contribution to a better world through their investment. We do not, for example, invest in gambling, pornography, arms companies, nuclear power or companies associated with child labour in our sustainable mandates.

Sustainable investment solutions are a high priority for us. They have to meet strictly defined environmental, social and corporate ethical (ESG) criteria and additionally be designed for long-term wealth creation. Companies that wish to qualify for our sustainable investments must maintain exemplary environmental standards and treat their employees responsibly. An independent Sustainability Advisory Board with social-ethical and scientific expertise has been advising us on fundamental sustainability issues since 2011. It also supports us by constantly taking into account new scientific and social developments and reviewing investments for their actual sustainability.

While we claim to have expertise and experience in sustainable investments, there are some things we can't do best in-house. We therefore work together with Sustainalytics, a market-leading analysis company that is specialised in sustainable investments. We also provide training on sustainable finance to all our consultants and product experts and, as a member of global and local sustainability networks and initiatives, we actively contribute to making sustainable investments even more mainstream. For instance, we are one of the signatories of the investor-initiated Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) framework.

We are delighted and also quite proud that we once again received some important awards in 2021. We would like to highlight that we are the only private bank to have been awarded the highest rating of "Outstanding Wealth Management" by FOCUS MONEY and n-tv for the fifteenth time in a row.

Which clients are best suited to wealth management?

We advise private clients and entrepreneurs who want to preserve and sustainably develop their assets for future generations. We manage your assets in a way that suits your individual investment objectives and your personal risk tolerance. Besides the option of a traditional mandate, our clients may also choose to invest in a fund.

In order for foundations to fulfil their purpose, they must generate income. The aim of our investment strategy is to use the foundation's assets economically, to avoid losses as far as possible and at the same time to be able to release liquidity in the short term. We take these aspects into account both in individual mandates and in our endowment funds.

Insurance companies, pension funds or church-related investors are confronted with specific challenges when it comes to investing money. We are a reliable partner to support you with professional solutions.

Our consultants and portfolio managers have many years of experience in managing complex mandates and individual special funds.


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Risk Disclosure

Please be aware that wealth management is not a risk-free investment. The money you invest in this way is exposed to the risks of the financial instruments you acquire. Our market assessments could prove to be inaccurate. For example, market, creditworthiness and liquidity risks can cause losses up to the total loss of the capital invested. All these risks may lead to your investment objectives not being achieved.

Over and above the relevant capital market and selection risks involved in wealth management, we exercise our discretion in deciding which measures we deem appropriate to manage your portfolio. We are guided by our Investment Committee's capital market opinion. Nevertheless, it could be subject to a misjudgement, the implementation of which could lead to asset losses.