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Investments for foundations and institutional clients

Do you have to invest assets for others? We look forward to establishing a dialogue with you.

Are you investing assets for a foundation, a church or a church-related institution? For example, are you acting on behalf of a health insurance fund, chamber of commerce, insurance company, association, pension fund or university? Our specialists advise and support you in all matters relating to investment.

As long-standing banking partners of many institutional investors, we know: this field has its own special requirements, but they also differ again for each individual client. Therefore, we work with you to develop a solution tailored to your individual needs that will lead your organisation into the future in the best possible way.

Our guiding principle is to think and act for the long term.

Investing assets for an institution carries a lot of responsibility. After all, the consequences of one's own decisions have to be borne by others, usually future generations. We are acutely aware of this responsibility and consistently focus our recommendations on the long-term success of your institution or foundation.


Our services are comprehensive and highly specialised.

Institutions and foundations in particular have a high demand for sustainable investments. You can rest assured that our sustainable recommendations meet the most stringent requirements owing to our high-calibre external Sustainability Advisory Board. The Sustainability Advisory Board is guided by the ESG criteria introduced by the United Nations in 2004. Corporate governance, social and environmental responsibility are assessed according to these standards.

Global, local and regional: We are there for you whenever and wherever you need us.

Bethmann Bank is part of the ABN AMRO Group. We are happy to provide you with access to the knowledge and experience of this network. Nevertheless we are an independently operating bank. We have 14 locations in all of Germany's major economic regions; close to you, wherever you are. You will find an institutional investment expert at each of our branches.

Your contact person.

Axel Rogge

Head of Institutional Clients and Foundations

+49 40 30808-350




Arne Franke

Contact for professional associations, pension funds and chambers of commerce

+49 40 30808-196

Roland Küsgens

Contact for institutional investors

+49 89 23699-244


Andrea Wirges

Contact for cities, municipalities, universities

+49 211 8770-159


York Asche

Deputy Director

Certified Foundation Advisor (DSA)

Dipl.-Kfm. and MBA (SUNY)

+49 40 30808-233