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Your investment follows your strategy. Your financing follows your needs.

You pursue your personal goals with your investment strategy. And you should never give them up in order to obtain liquidity in the short term. To enable you to combine suitable financing with your proven investment strategy, we offer you Lombard loans. The advantage of this loan: the listed securities in your depot serve as collateral.

Together with you we agree on the maximum credit line, which is based on the mortgage lending value of the securities you provide. You just use your credit line as needed. You only pay interest on the amount withdrawn - we do not charge commitment interest.

If you prefer fixed interest rates for up to twelve months with fixed amounts, choose our Roll Over Term Loan instead of a daily payable loan. We can also pay out your loan in Swiss Francs, US Dollar or Japanese Yen.

Please contact your Relationship Manager directly to find out about other financing options.


Intelligent financing - including longer term credit.

Do you have long-term credit needs, for example to finance real estate? Or do you need money for a bank guarantee or warranty? We will find an attractive and custom-fit solution for you, and implement it swiftly and efficiently, at market-oriented conditions.

Feel free to enquire about individual, short- and long-term financing concepts. We will be happy to personally advise you in detail.

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