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Investment advisory

Which asset strategy suits you best?

Investing means shaping your life. Hence, the first investment question we always ask you is: what kind of life do you want? This is about your family environment, your professional situation, your goals and wishes - in a nutshell, your entire life planning. The second question, linked to the first, is: what is your position on investments? Your knowledge and experience, your personal risk tolerance and your specific investment preferences are decisive here. Equally important are the general conditions, i.e. your investment horizon and financial situation.

And which is your preferred consulting style?

Your position on investments also determines the type of advice you receive. If you prefer individual investment recommendations, our investment advisory may be of interest to you. In this case we advise you holistically according to your very own specifications.


Investment advisory: for those who want to take well-informed decisions themselves.

Have you decided to invest your assets or part of them through our investment advisory? Then our highly specialised, international team would gladly assist you. You can take responsibility for your investment decisions - we will support and advise you along the way. You can agree on the exact services you require from us in an investment advisory contract. Your consultant takes care of a select number of clients and has ample flexibility to meet your needs. In the end, it is you who decides.


Depending on your personal risk profile, we recommend to diversify your assets across different asset classes, countries and sectors. We will keep you informed regularly: with strategy outlooks, allocation suggestions, weekly research and current recommendations on shares, bonds and funds, etc. The Best Advice Principle also incorporates the expertise of ABN AMRO's global network. Thus, you benefit from the best knowledge of our colleagues on site. Transparency is very important to us: we will inform and advise you clearly and comprehensibly - and our pricing models are also completely transparent.

Your decision

We want you to be able to take the best-informed decisions. For this reason, we offer you the following research sources:

  1. Semi-annual strategy outlook
  2. Monthly summary of market topics
  3. Weekly commentary
  4. Report on several market segments or sectors
  5. Factsheet on all monitored shares

We can also monitor individually agreed loss thresholds for you.

Do you have questions about investment that Google can't answer? Just ask our network.

We monitor a stock universe of currently 540 international individual stocks for you. Please let us know if you are interested in any additional shares or in other forms of investment. We use all our sources to gather relevant information for you.

Risk disclosure

Bethmann Bank recommends the acquisition of financial instruments as part of its investment advisory services. If you follow these recommendations, the money you invest is exposed to the risks of these financial instruments. The risks vary according to the type of financial instrument. For example, market, creditworthiness and liquidity risks can cause losses in value up to the total loss of the capital invested. The result of these risks may be that the intended investment objectives cannot be achieved.

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