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Our investment process


In the multi-step investment process of our sustainable wealth management, we blend the expertise of internal and external specialists. This includes capital market specialists such as analysts, portfolio managers and strategists from Bethmann Bank and ABN AMRO, drawing on external databases for sustainability analysis. An independent sustainability advisory board contributes to the investment process with its social-ethical and scientific know-how. We also integrate other corporate engagement and proxy voting providers into our investment process.

Various guidelines and policies specify and formalise the framework for the implementation of our sustainable investment process. The "Sustainability Guidelines for Investment Products and Services" and the "Sustainability Risk Policy" regulate the handling of sustainable investment products at group level. For example, they explain our corporate engagement, the implementation of exclusion lists, and the calculation of sustainability indicators.

Principles of Sustainable Investment Policy

You can find the "Principles of Sustainable Investment Policy" here (German).

You can also find information about our investment process on the following websites:

Exclusion list on controversial weapons

Regulations on the exclusion of manufacturers and producers of controversial weapons and a list of the companies concerned.

Principles of corporate engagement

Information on Bethmann Bank's Engagement Policy can be downloaded here (German).

Investors can find additional information on the bank's commitment process on the ABN AMRO website.

Which principles, ESG strategies and criteria apply?

We manage the Bethmann Bank funds referred to in the European Transparency Code (German) in accordance with sustainability criteria. The sustainability analysis of companies, countries and organisations incorporates environmental, social and governance criteria. By taking the sustainability profile into account when analysing companies, it is possible to identify valuable companies that have attractive, long-term stable profit potential due to their responsible business policies.

There are several stages to our sustainable wealth management investment process, integrating the full research and portfolio management capabilities of the Global Investment Centre and the strategic and tactical guidance of the Global Investment Committee with respect to the weighting of asset classes, regions, sectors and sub-asset classes. In contrast, specific ESG criteria and investment principles are applied in the selection of individual securities. The fund management places particular emphasis on products and services, corporate governance and business ethics as well as environmental management and eco-efficiency in the research criteria for companies. The country analysis focuses on institutions and politics, social framework conditions, infrastructure, environmental protection and environmental pollution.

Our management approach incorporates the following components:

  • Best-in-Class: We analyse the companies using, among others, an ESG risk rating collated by Sustainalytics and invest exclusively in companies whose ratings are above average within their industry group.
  • Negative criteria: We define exclusion criteria in respect of investments in specific companies, sectors, topics or countries
  • Monitoring controversy: We monitor companies that become conspicuous on the behavioural level and react by selling securities in case of serious controversies.
  • Monitoring: Our portfolios undergo a monitoring process by an independent, external sustainability advisory board. Its members have specialist qualifications in the areas of ecology, social affairs and society.
  • Engagement: We engage in a proactive dialogue with companies that infringe our set of values to a significant extent.
  • Proxy Voting: Through our service providers we selectively use the opportunities to exercise voting rights at the companies we invest in.

Our management approach includes clearly defined exclusion criteria

We use multiple screening criteria in our sustainability approach, which results in the exclusion of investments in certain companies, sectors or countries. There are turnover thresholds for companies in respect of controversial products and business practices.

You can find our exclusion or negative criteria for companies, states and quasi-governmental organisations here (German).

Against the background of the Disclosure Regulation, we supplement this general guideline with the documentation of our investment process (German) in sustainable wealth management, which also applies to our sustainable funds.

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