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Dusseldorf is one of Germany's most important business centres with retail to fashion as well as the creative industry and the consultancy sector. Bethmann Bank successfully offers holistic, market-oriented advice on wealth management to a growing number of clients in this highly dynamic city. Our clients - especially in this trading metropolis - value our independence and our clarity, both in investment recommendations and in communication. Our private bank is committed to providing you with sustainable advice. This approach applies to the selection of investments as well as to the personal contact: our employees in Dusseldorf generally support their clients for many years, often for decades. We have been welcoming our clients in the Kö-Bogen since April 2015 - and with sufficient space and resources to be able to provide them with comprehensive advice on special topics such as lending business or financial planning directly on-site.

A prime position on the market - a prime location in the city!

Bethmann Bank Dusseldorf is an established player in the regional banking market. In recent years, we have grown dynamically and now advise a growing number of ambitious clients. Our modern premises and great ambience await you at our private bank - along with all the advantages of a central location in the heart of the city - with excellent accessibility and modern on-site parking facilities.

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Michael Groger
Michael Groger
Michael Groger