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Bethmann Bank and the Hanseatic City: traditionally innovative.


Bethmann Bank has been in Bremen since 2014. The city and the private bank go hand in hand, as both traditionally cultivate a willingness to change and the courage to innovate. The port and Hanseatic city of Bremen, with its grand history as an important economic metropolis, is always open to innovation. This is precisely how Bethmann Bank has successfully adapted to changing needs over the course of more than 300 years.

Another important common denominator:

to this day, Bremen's merchants embody sustainable actions and economic activity in a very special way. Indeed, it is these virtues of the "honest merchant" that play a crucial role at Bethmann Bank: sustainability determines the way we manage assets; long-term success is our goal.

In Bremen we are on a path of growth. We already hold an important position among the private banks in the region. We are delighted to be able to offer excellent on-site advice to numerous clients from Bremen and the surrounding area!

Our Focus. Our Team.

In Bremen, we advise a growing number of private investors. Moreover, as a private bank in this area, where traditionally a lot of foundations are established, we are managing an increasing number of foundation assets, as well as institutional clients, such as provision schemes and pension funds.

Are you interested in what your private bank in Bremen has to offer? Then please get in touch. We look forward to meeting you in person!

Succession planning

People do not always like to think about how to arrange succession for their assets or company. This makes it all the more important to do so.

Foundations & Institutional Clients

Are you a founder, planning to establish a foundation or managing the assets of a foundation? Trust in our competence and experience!

Entrepreneur & Enterprise

Perhaps you have been looking for a bank that is able to understand both your family and business situation.
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