Executive Board and Supervisory Board

Committed to sustained success: Bethmann Bank’ management

Clarity, performance and personality - these are the values that Bethmann Bank's management stands for. This is a key factor in our dealings with our customers and business partners, as well as in the strategic orientation of our company.


Hans Hanegraaf

Chairman of Bethmann Bank’s Executive Board

Curriculum Vitae:

Hans Hanegraaf has been the Chairman of Bethmann Bank’s Executive Board since July 2017. As Country Executive, he is also responsible for all of ABN AMRO's business activities in Germany. Hanegraaf has been with ABN AMRO since 1995. Initially, he assumed management responsibilities in the International Corporate Banking Business, including the management of comprehensive financial services for medium-sized companies in Europe, North and South America as well as Asia. He was later entrusted with management positions within ABN AMRO's Private Banking division. Since 2014, he was responsible for Asia and the Middle East (Singapore, Hong Kong and Dubai) as Country Executive for Singapore and CEO of Private Banking. Hans Hanegraaf was born in the Netherlands in 1965 and lives near Frankfurt with his wife and three children.



Michael Pleske

Member of Bethmann Bank's Executive Board

Curriculum Vitae:

Michael Pleske has been a member of Bethmann Bank’s Executive Board since 2018. He is responsible for the back office areas Risk Management, Legal, all technical, processing and service units in addition to the Change Organisation. He joined ABN AMRO in 1993 following his banking apprenticeship and some initial positions. During his time here, he held positions in Credit Risk and Risk Management. From 2008 to 2012, in addition to his role as Chief Risk Officer, he also served as Chief Operating Officer at Bethmann Bank. Since 2010, he was responsible for Enterprise Risk Management in the areas of Risk Management, Legal and Compliance. He also held the position of Country Risk Officer responsible for all active business units of ABN AMRO in Germany since 2012. Michael Pleske was born in Berlin in 1965.



Bethmann Bank’s Supervisory Board

  • Fred Bos (Chairman) 
  • Claire Dumas 
  • Hugo Peek 
  • Thomas Knoche (Employee Representative) 
  • Esther Teuber (Employee Representative) 
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